Jonathon Mario is coming to IHHC 2021!

We’re excited to announce not only our first Haunter guest, but also our first Halloween/Cosplay Guest; Jonathon Mario!

When Jonathon was 14 years old, he confidently walked up to his local haunted castle, knocked on their large doors, and exclaimed how we would be the best thing to happen to the haunt. Impressed by his passion and enthusiasm, they hired him on the spot. This moment began Jonathon’s lifelong love for the haunt industry. Halloween was always the biggest holiday of the year in his household and he had been making monsters since he was just a little kid; getting his first makeup gig at just 11 years old. Jonathon fell in love with the reality that being an FX artist meant that nothing is ever impossible. “Any nightmare, any dream… I can create it with my own hands and watch it walk around…I can breathe life into it, and now that’s what I live for. I love watching a director or client look in the mirror and witnessing their imagination come to life”. Jonathan Mario is the owner of CrowCawfx make up studio, he does education and freelance makeup  across the country as well custom prosthetics  work. He has won several awards and has also been featured on multiple news networks, The Travel Channel, and SYFY; Including the Face-Off: Game Face season finale. He currently lives in Northern California with his two best friends and Schroadinger, his hairless cat.

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