Airbrush Tips & Tricks

Main Events Room

In this relaxed environment we will share some airbrush tips and tricks, techniques. Pashur will discuss airbrush maintenance, troubleshooting and demo several tips, tricks and techniques such as Veining (Vampires and Zombies), mottled skin, skeleton teeth, proper mermaid scales, cascading, flipping, leopard spots, stencil vs shield, stencil textures well as the basic essentials. Pashur will […]

Toxic Zombie

Main Events Stage

1 Hour Stage Demo In this stage demo Pashur will show you how to create a toxic zombie with skeletal bones using UV reactive make-up. Was it a chemical leak? A UFO? All we know is this zombie is glowing!! So put on those biohazard suits, because you are going to want to see this!

Steampunk Vampire Demo

Main Events Stage

Date: 8/14/2021 Time: 5:00pm Location: Main Events Stage

Creating Characters w/ Foam Latex Prosthetics


Foam latex prosthetics are a great way to quickly change the silhouette of your haunt actors. Follow along as Shawn shows you how to prep, apply, and remove foam latex prosthetics, and discusses other ways to incorporate foam latex prosthetics into your haunt. Date: 8/15/2021 Time: 11:00am Location: Classroom 1 (Halloween/Cosplay)

Pashur’s Portfolio Review

Vendor Room

Need to perfect your portfolio? Are you wanting to improve your make-up designs? If you want some free advice on your portfolio or make up designs from an expert, bring your portfolio to the XFX booth and Pashur will give your work a review. He will give you tips on your portfolio as well as […]