Award winning body paint artist, Pashur the Body Painter, is known for his innovative full body artistic masterpieces. Key West Magazine dubbed this incredibly talented body painter known throughout the world as the “Picasso of Body Painting”. Pashur’s body painting career has been an adventure. Pashur’s work has graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, he has created body paint costumes for Cirque du Soleil and has body painted at The Playboy Mansion numerous times. He was featured on the SyFy Channel TV Show, “FaceOff” as a body paint expert and as a consultant helped develop the body paint competition television show, “Skin Wars”. Pashur’s body paint video on BuzzFeed was their most watched video of 2016 with over 23 million views. His unique body paint work allowed him to take over the facebook page of Depeche Mode. Thrillist L.A. chose Pashur as having the coolest job in Los Angeles. In 2018 he was a special guest on the TV show, Pickler and Ben – and Delaware Today magazine voted Pashur as one of the top eight things to experience at the Firefly Music Festival. Pashur once painted a QR code on several models that you could actually scan with your smart phone. Pashur has been published in hundreds of magazines around the world and has painted for feature films, numerous music videos and television shows on Comedy Central, Spike TV, TNT and VH1. One of the pioneers in modern body painting, he has been body painting for 23 years and his influence can be seen throughout the industry. His body painting work has inspired numerous artists. He has traveled the world and sold out body paint workshops in Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, England, Gibraltar, Malta and Canada. His body paint work is used as lesson plans in numerous countries around the world including France, Africa and Mexico. Pashur has written and published several face and body painting books with topics such as Zombies, Pirates, Spiders and more. Pashur grew up in Nashville, TN and got a four year graphic arts degree at Memphis College of Art. He moved to Orlando in 2000 but the art and entertainment industry drew him to Las Vegas for a short time. Pashur currently resides in Los Angeles, California (Burbank) where he continues to innovate and break boundaries with his body painting art.Past and/or Present Clients Include: Rolling Stone, Playboy, Cirque du Soleil, Nikki Minaj, Penthouse, Smirnoff, WWE, Comedy Central, VH1, MTV, SyFy Chanel, Smike TV, TNT, Kraken Rum, Toyota, Brooks & Dunn, Daniel Ash, Eve 6, E Entertainment, Prius, Wrangler, La Mer, Air China, Rav4, Tundra.




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